Slimcase, a Nigerian artiste, has come under criticism on social media over his comments on George Floyd, a black man killed in the US, and Tina, a 16-year-old girl shot by a police officer.

It all started on Saturday when the ‘Oshozondi’ crooner took to his Instagram page to reflect on how Floyd, who was relatively unknown while alive, inspired a global protest over racism against blacks.

The singer, born Oluwafemi Oko-Eko, said he would rather plead with God to give him such fame while alive and not when he’s dead.

“Fame after death…any positive blow wey I gat, blow God Let me blow am now that I am alive not after I am dead. George A sacrifice for d change in black history #blacklivesmatters,” he had written in a mixture of Pidgin and English.

Reacting to his post, a user had tackled Slimcase for speaking on an incident in far-way America while ignoring the alleged killing of Tina by an officer of the Nigerian police.

The gifted singer, however, fired back, noting Floyd’s demise was a “global pandemic” requiring more attention than that of the 16-year-old girl.

“We’re talking about a global pandemic here, leave the Lagos girl for Channels Television to talk about,” he had said.

His comment had opened the floodgates of criticism on social media, particularly on Twitter, where a number of Nigerians accused the singer of being “insensitive” to the plights of people being subjected to extra-judicial killings in the country.

“Apart from being insensitive, Slimcase thinks that George ‘s death is a pandemic. It is a National embarrassment to be both insensitive and dumb,” a Twitter user wrote.


A pandemic is a DISEASE occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population

Apart from being insensitive, Slimcase thinks that George ‘s death is a pandemic 🤡🤡🤡

It is a National embarrassment to be both INSENSITIVE and DUMB

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Amid the backlashes, Slimcase would later apologise for his earlier comments, claiming he had no knowledge of Tina’s death when he made them.

“I am just knowing about the little girl cus I hardly check posts I am so so sorry I never meant it that way so sorry I apologize,” he wrote.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:

Tee 🇳🇬@tolutheking

Slimcase thinks the death of George Floyd is a “global pandemic” and the death of the Lagos girl should be left for channels to talk about

Lmao.. How do we contain this level of in-built stupidity 😩

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Edmund 💉@EdmundOris

Why are y’all surprised about Slimcase??

Always remember that “Celebrities” are normal humans like you that just got popular cos they’re good in one aspect of life.

That they’re celebrities doesn’t automatically equate to them having sense.

Know this and know peace.

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Auay Jokesomefun@SundayAkinjide

Because your name is “Slimcase” does not warrant you to have “Slim fitted” brain.

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Valar Mørghulis 👁‍🗨@viccetti

Slimcase had every chance to reply that comment about the murder of that young girl intelligently but he refused to. Goes to show how dumb most of our celebrities are.

God will not let us lose all of our senses when we finally become famous. 🤲🏻

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Joseph Asuquo@kjasuquo

Slimcase is a typical example of how an average Nigerian is and it’s absurd
You rather concern yourself with your neighbour’s affair and caring less about your own home

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Most of this so called celebrities are dumb ,topping the chart is no other than slimcase ,mr slim brain smh

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JC Stephen Lalacious@Stevelalacious

Sometimes I wonder where some of this our Nigeria artist keep their morals and personality sometimes … @iam_slimcase is just a global animal for saying this rubbish wahalai . How dare you

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A short Story- Slimcase was dating Sense but Slim cheated on Sense

Slimcase broke up with Sense but Sense still Begged Slim to accept her back
Slimcase agreed to continue dating Sense

At d same spot Sense Broke up with Slimcase immediately

Then she-Sense will always leave U

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Enny berry 🐯🐯@Ennyberry12

This is slimecase situation
Fight for ur country not other country

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