Entertainment News YAH/NAH? American Lady , Brenna Pennly Flaunt Her Hairy...

YAH/NAH? American Lady , Brenna Pennly Flaunt Her Hairy Arm Pit Online


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“hairy woman” is now flaunting her 6cm long armpit hair on Instagram after years of shaving her fuzz.

Brenna Pennly said her boyfriend used to mock her “moustache” before deciding to ditch the razor for good.

The mum-of-two, 31, ended up spending £98-a-month having her hair removed from six areas at her local beauty clinic.

But in 2017, the psychology student, from Idaho, US, started to remove the hair on her face after becoming obsessed with shaving at the age of 11.

Now the single parent has decided it’s time to stop removing her hair and flaunt her unshaven armpits online.

She said: “I didn’t want to just be that girl who posted pictures of her armpit hair on Instagram. I wanted to find some meaning in what I was doing.

“So as my page grew, I started making my posts about body choice and about women having self-love. I want to encourage other women to embrace their bodies.

“Society tells women they should shave – just because they’re female. I say, ‘So what? Only shave if you want to.’

“Every woman has the right to have authority over their body and to make their own decisions. Gender should not come into it.”

Brenna, who has an eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter with her previous partner, admits she has not always felt this confident about her body hair.

She continued:

“I was a hairy kid and I remember feeling very uncomfortable about it.

“You know what kids are like. A couple commented on how hairy I was – I had a hairy face, legs and arms – and I became instantly insecure about it. I used to go into school wearing long sleeved tops, so no one could see my arms.”

At the age of 11, Brenna, who was raised in a Mormon household, was given a razor by her mum who knew how insecure she was about her body hair.

But growing up in a tight knit community, luckily she didn’t experience too much negativity about her hair as a teen.

She said:

“I did date one guy who told me, ‘You’ve got a moustache,’ in front of his mum, who quickly scolded him for it. But that was my only really negative experience.”

Before she decided to say goodbye to her razor, Brenna went to great lengths to remove her hair by obsessively shaving every day.

Then in 2015, she opted for laser hair removal and her grooming rituals stepped up another notch.

Eventually, after spending £98 each time, the mum decided to just allow nature to take control of her hair.

Brenna, who simultaneously turned her back on her Mormon religion, then vowed to stop shaving her armpits after realising that she didn’t need to do it because she was a woman.

Now speaking out after her decision, Brenna now uses her social media platform to encourage other women to embrace their bodies.

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