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Amanda Nunes was shot in the face after she confronted strangers who called her “fat” at a Brazilian market while she was out buying her breakfast in the city of Belford Roxo

A woman was shot in the face after standing up to a couple who had called her fat by a food stand, foreign media reports.

Amanda Nunes, 30, was attacked in the city of Belford Roxo in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro at around 6.30 am on August 31.

She had gone to the food stand at a market to buy breakfast when she overheard a couple talking.

The young woman reportedly heard them refer to her as “fat” and went over to confront them.

During the ensuing row, the male suspect slapped Nunes’ face, it is claimed.

Ms Nunes was shot in the face after being called fat (Image: Amanda Nunes/Instagram)

When the victim reacted angrily, the man allegedly pulled out a gun and shot her in the face.

Nunes was admitted to the Municipal Hospital of Belford Roxo before being transferred to the Hospital Geral de Nova Iguacu – Hospital da Posse.

She was later pronounced dead in the intensive care unit.

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