Everyone is talking about Karen, the Legon Girl who beat her boyfriend with slippers for cheating on her.

Well, you favorite entertainment news portal, OccupyGh.com has chanced on an alleged s*xtape of Karen shared by AdepaNews, of the legon girl who beat her boyfriend and it’s already melting the internet.

Karen became popular in the early hours of yesterday on social media after scolding her boyfriend for doing the worst.

She was seen in couple of videos beating her boyfriend, who was so much of a gentleman, with slippers – chalewote.

From the b@nging tape we have chanced on, we are certain that her angry boyfriend decided to pay a role revenge by leaking their s£x videos. Note, we were not able to ascertain if indeed the video that has surfaced is that of Karen’s.

This is a trending video and as per the policies of our website we cannot upload it here.

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