Uncensored Video Of Ike And Mercy Making ‘Love’ In The Garden Goes Viral


Pepper Dem housemates, Mercy and Ike have given fans a dose of hotness that they craved for as they were spotted in a crazy position, making ‘love’ after the Saturday Night Party.

The couple were seen together in the garden, after the party as they hugged each other. A tipsy Mercy was then lifted up by Ike who held her tight at the waist. She put her legs on his neck and opened up her middle. He then proceeded to dip his head low. Watch below:

Fans were shocked at the act as they displayed love for each other. Here are some comments gathered:

Big brother please call mercy or Ike to the diary room. @Legend_NG don scatter their head. Dem go commot clothe for this arena o?”

Lmao Ike and Mercy. Are you mad ?? What kind of happiness are you people giving me this night?”

Every time Mercy‘s drunk, she starts threatening Ikewith love. Thug love is the best love I swear!!!!”

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