Syrian officials say hundreds of ISIS prisoners have escaped after Turkey’s invasion

There is evidence of war crimes being committed, civilians being targeted and ISIS prisoners escaping; Trey Yingst reports from Jerusalem.

Fresh airstrikes from Turkey reportedly targeted civilians and a group of foreign reporters in the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ayn, according to monitoring groups and Syrian Kurdish officials.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said the airstrike killed at least nine people – including five civilians on Sunday, while other reports claimed that a convoy with foreign journalists was also targeted, according to Haaretz.

France 24 reported that one journalist was also among the dead, while two French reporters were also injured in the attack. The nationality of the slain journalist was not immediately confirmed.

The airstrikes came hours after President Donald Trump ordered all U.S. troops to withdraw from the area to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fast-escalating conflict. The announcement represents a major shift in alliances for Syria’s Kurds after they were abandoned by the U.S., with whom they were longtime partners in the fight against the Islamic State group.

The Syrian government said it would deploy troops along the border with Turkey to help Kurdish fighters fend of Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, the Kurds said.

The dizzying developments reflected the rapidly growing chaos that has unfolded in the week since Trump ordered U.S. forces in the region to step aside, clearing the way for the Turkish attack on the Kurdish fighters it considers terrorists

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