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Tips and methods to Seduce a Girl or a Woman

Tips and methods to Seduce a Girl or a WomanToday, I present to you the essential tips to seduce a woman, prior to any exit and interaction with a human female.

Keep your dirty head for your house. Do not go out from home if it is to spread your problems of money, health, work. Conversely, come with your nice smile screwed on your face. Not the psychopath’s smile. If you do not tell the difference, ask a friend to strafe you until you find your “just smile”, the one who is neither too nice nor too mad. Whoever does “cool dude who has a good evening”. No need to remind you how much brushing is essential, is not it.

Humor and energy, never lose self-confidence

When you get out of bed, you’re like the others, you go out for a day of school or work to laugh, not to pull the mouth. The goal is to be entertaining! Take him away from the dull day!

The Cocky and funny approach, what do you think? The funny macho? Humor is the most advanced form of intelligence. Understand each other and create a situation conducive to relaxation. Succeed to make her laugh thanks to the finesse of your observations. And be ready to take two three rakes. It happens. Everyone is trying to minimize the risks. The game is like poker. From time to time you have to be willing to take risks, to bet big to win big. Without risk, you will not go very far. It is better to take a rake by trying to make knots in the brain.

To know how to create the sexual tension to avoid the friend zone, To think to prepare the continuation

The biggest trap in the world. No, you will never be friends. Do you want more, do you want to go out with her or sleep with her? She’ll have to accept it, ideally. The best thing, if you’re looking for FC, is to get him to sleep with you and then become friends. It is much simpler to manage in this sense than in the other. To create sexual tension, we laugh, we joke, we talk about sex uninhibited. Not always, not gore. As if it was normal. Because it’s normal! During your conversation with her, think about embodying your passions in your story.

Example: “I love Lanvin, there is the parade with Dita von Teese this week, do you want to come with me?” It also works with any universe, as long as you sell it well. Even sports, even video games. Everything can happen if it is well presented and you feel that it is important to you, and that you know how to share it, that you are passionate. Remember to calibrate according to your interlocutor: an obese geekette, if you like it, will not necessarily put the sport.

Take the time to listen

You have two ears and a mouth. It is to listen twice as much as you do not speak. Analyze, monitor, filter information, interpret his actions. Do not indulge too soon. If you play in respect of the girl in front of you, you will learn a lot by listening to him. If you go out on the assumption that you are irresistible, it will sometimes happen that the course of things rushes. Sometimes a girl who has just returned to your field of vision will already have her tongue in your mouth. Sometimes your game will be so strong, or you will be accompanied by wingmen so strong that in five minutes you will be naked against a girl.

To be ready is to always have chewing gum and condoms on you. It is a minimum in terms of equipment. Otherwise you are likely to find yourself in the situation of one of my friends: he had made the whole approach to the girl, I arrived to say hello, adding a “on the mouth, we no longer twelve years old, “we went to isolate all three of us to kiss the girl and in the absence of a hood in her wallet, he was forced to watch me sleep with the girl.

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