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A controversial Kenyan prophet identified as Dr. David Owour has come into the news again with a comic prophecy.

A while ago, Dr. Owuor released a doom prophecy that the world will surely come to an end on the 12 of April,2020. Well,In spite of the panic of coronavirus, the prophecy of the prophet also caused alot of fear and commotion into those who were privy to the scary prophecy. We were all in awaiting for the D day to come but here were are. Today is April 13,2020 and we are yet to experience the prophecy of judgement according to the prophet.

Reacting to the fake prophecy he released, the Repentance And Holiness Ministry leader stated that he slept over the prophecy he released and he has come into a conclusion of postponing it from happening due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Obviously,prophecies of such nature will automatically pick attentions and reactions.Dr. Owuor  added  that anyone who challenges his prophecies shall face his wrath.

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