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The World Reacts To Photos of A Man Who Got Pregnant For His Wife

Love they say knows no boundary and this is definitely a fact as two transgenders have married and will be parents soon.

A Columbian model and transgender, Danna Sultana has shared beautiful photos of her husband’s 8 month baby bump and its so crazy.

Danna is naturally male but now identifies as female and her husband who was female now identifies as male. They are expecting their first child together because both of them have their reproductive organs still intact.

The model who has over 200k followers shared photos of her kissing her husband’s baby bump. They have successfully conceived and are now parents. While sharing the photos she wrote; Love is love. Indicating that Dannna believes love brought them this far.

The couple first announced the news of their pregnancy way back in February where they captioned it; Dreams do come true. Congratulations to them both.

After photos of the baby bump hit online, many netizens were shocked a man could be pregnant.


sir.mbenson:They and we (Africa) can never be the same. They can claim science and westernization no problem but they can never embrace our culture and traditions. We are Africans and very soon we will all wake up and Unite. Africa is the beginning and the end of it all. We are special !!!

lawal_kay_bright:The brother carrying Belle is a Woman biologically while the aunty kissing the Belle is a man biologically…

bukiliciousbuki:Confused set of people

daisybuttah:I don’t understand

s_cyril_:This life no balance at all

flymeben1:Foolish talk that’s not possible

daisybuttah:Confused people

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