The Most Resilient Tech Jobs During The Pandemic

resilient tech jobsThe tech sector was one of the few that suffer less from the pandemic. We started using technology more than before because it was the only way to keep operations going. Here are a few professions that were resilient and, in some cases, had a higher demand than before Covid-19.

Website Development

If a company, no matter how small, didn’t have a website at the beginning of this year, they probably have one now, or they are closed. Our world completed the transition into the digital world when governments put distance measures in place back in March. Thus, web developers had to step up to meet the demand for online platforms that could meet our needs.

They already were in high demand, and after the pandemic hit, their job opportunities skyrocketed. Plus, web development adapts well to remote work. Even before the pandemic, it was one of the most popular and well-paid professions for freelancers and gig workers. You definitely wouldn’t go wrong if you choose to learn this skill.

You can learn web development in no time at all with coding bootcamps. They are short and affordable and teach you everything you need to break into the tech industry. If you don’t want to spend any money, you could also learn by yourself. Many platforms offer courses and resources for free to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which are the programming languages for web development. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the attempt of engineers and scientists to create a computer or machine with human intelligence. We haven’t been fully successful so far, but we have developed some methods like machine learning. Machine learning allows machines to learn on their own. They learn how to improve themselves every time they make a mistake.

This technology can be used for analyzing data much faster than what a human mind could process. For example, AI algorithms can look through thousands of healthcare research papers and see things we couldn’t. It is one of the technologies at play on the many Covid-19 vaccines that are in testing right now. Machine learning can also improve efficiency in business operations. 

It is no wonder professionals like data scientists and machine learning engineers were in high demand during the pandemic. The best part is that you don’t have to be a genius to learn this skill. It is true that having some math, algebra, and statistic knowledge can help. But you can become an AI specialist with short online courses. Check out Study Data Science to learn how you can achieve it.


As mentioned before, digitalization increased during the pandemic, and with it, working from home became the norm. This multiplies the need for digital security. Cybersecurity specialists are the ones that design, test, and maintain the security systems a company needs to protect its network. In traditional offices, it is easier because the complete digital infrastructure is in one place.

With remote work, every worker is in different locations, even in different states or countries in some cases. This brings new security implications that companies need to deal with. In addition, during the pandemic, cyberattacks increased, and big corporations were the target. So, it seems remote work is here to stay, and cybersecurity specialists will be in high demand for a while still.

Specific Skills

In the tech industry, sometimes companies hire professionals just for their specific skills. Maybe they are experts on specific languages like Java or Python, or they have other managerial skills like product management. Thus, you could consider learning one skill and becoming an expert on it. This can increase your chances of finding a new job if it is a skill in high demand. 

For example, some tech skills that employers look for are technical support, quality assurance, Oracle, JavaScript, and SQL. Look for a dedicated course that makes you an expert on one of these skills. 

In Summary

The most resilient tech jobs during the pandemic were website development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. But employers also look for professionals with specific tech skills like Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Oracle, and quality assurance. All of these are good options if you are looking for a new career option with a better job outlook.

Have a prosperous new year.


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