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I bet we are all happy that January is finally coming to an end right? Well, no one is happier than Sudi boy and his celebrity friends who turned up at Eric One Wash’s birthday party last weekend blowing money and getting nasty.

The party held at club Rumourz around Nairobi CBD attracted comedians and as expected young ladies who follow these celebrities on social media.

For those who were expecting a chilled out bash were shocked when the team Mafisi members Timmy Tdat and Sudi boy got on the dance floor to grind and whine with their fans. Okay, for Timmy Tdat this is no news but for Sudi Boy this was new and unexpected.

Timmy Tdat at Eric One Wash’s party

But having hanged out and released a song with Timmy Tdat, Sudi Boy amefunguka. He seems to be having fun and is no longer uptight like before.

The fella is learning the skills of an entertainer that will definitely help him penetrate the industry like the likes of Nameless who are not afraid of dancing with their fans.

Sudi boy at Eric One Wash’s party

Anyway, many might see this as ratchet however a guy has to keep up with the heat to earn himself some cash.

Ladies at Eric One Wash’s party

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