Chukwuemeka Odumegwu who recently got married to Ebuka tha love of his life and he has this to say; “No-one owns my life and no one will tell me what to do with my life, I and Ebuka met back in primary school till today we love each other.

Back then if we go to urinary we will do small and come out. Am proud to tell you that I am a homos€xual I don’t do with girls because I hate them my homos€xual life is the best.”

I and Ebuka became friends, tight friends for that matter from primary school I love him so much I grew up knowing I have no interest in girls so I started making friends with boys, coming closer to them and start Loving it.

My relatives are worried about my life but I always tell them that am fine and living good, I don’t ask anybody for money I can take care of myself and my love Ebuka.

My parents were the people that was disturbing me then, until one day I decide to leave the house for them because you can’t force me to do what I don’t like… no!

So I use this medium to tell all the haters out there who is jealous of me that’s your Own Cup of tea I don’t mind what you say about me all I know is that I do what pleases me and nothing else.”

Wonders shall never cease to end!

What do you think about Chukwuemeka and his newly wedded wife or husband? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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