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Six simple tips to stay healthy

Six simple tips to stay healthy

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be an excruciating adventure or an ordeal; it just sometimes has to be minimal changes in lifestyle. Here are some simple tricks to staying healthy.

Chewing properly:

Research has shown that not chewing food properly can be a major cause of weight gain because the brain takes up to 30 minutes to inform the body that it is full. By not chewing properly, you tend to eat more than your body needs. So eating slowly and chewing properly makes you eat what your body needs.

This habit also causes you to get fuller quickly because your body is given the time to know what amount of food you needed. Eating slowly can also be fun. It’s a technique that enables you to savour all the flavour and ingredients in the food. It helps you enjoy your food better.


Breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day, it is not just a cliché, it is a fact. Eating breakfast should be a habit to cultivate because it makes you eat less during the day. You tend to eat more when hungrier, and stuffing food inside your body is not a very good idea.


Being thirsty should not be the major proponent of taking water, it is not even such a good idea; it should not even be taken in between meals. Water should be taken randomly, always, not gulped but sipped. Research has shown the importance of water, though there are recent debates concerning the 8 glasses of water a day.

Snack healthy:

Snacks are really enjoyable; it is a way of relaxing and enjoying ourselves, like taking yourself to the cinemas or seeing a movie. That is what snacking is to food- dessert. It could be the “tushed” pizza, hamburger, cake, yoghurt, or our local puff puff, meat pie, buns, or even akara. Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but it becomes an issue for concern when this habit becomes the norm. Why not substitute “flour stricken snacks” to veggies filled snacks. Remember, snacks are desserts not main course meals; they are not to be substituted as foods and eaten in excess.

Veggies, fruits and healthy drinks:

Vegetables and fruits are healthy foods, so you will agree with me that if 3/4 of your food is not filled with fruit and veggies, you are not being a good person. We can cut down on the carbs we eat and replace them with veggies. Exchange soda for smoothies as there are different kinds of smoothies.

Dance Workouts:

Ever heard of dance workouts? Dance workouts are fast becoming the sorted out forms of exercises. Well, you don’t have to go through the excruciating pains of exercises again. Dance Workouts can be fun, you exercise while you enjoy it and you can also learn how to dance, a fun way to express yourself when happy.

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