Finally, the truth behind the leak of the semi-noode photos of Nigerian female singer Seyi Shay has been unraveled.

Born Oluwaseyi Odedere, Seyi Shay caused an uproar on social media after semi-noode photos of her surfaced on the internet, however, she claimed she did not share the photos as her Instagram account was hacked.

The development outraged fans which forced her to put out a disclaimer where she took to Twitter to disassociate herself from the said semi-noode photos.

“Seems to be a deliberate attack as the photos circulating are not from a recent exchange. Please ignore all direct messages (DMs) from my account and do not share any personal info,”

she tweeted.

“I cannot tell why/who is doing this, but my IG account has been compromised and my privacy is being violated,” she wrote.

Seyi Shay resolved to creating another account on Instagram with the same handle but this one had an addition ‘y’ ie. ‘Iamseyishayy’, dumping the old one.

Later, she confessed her IG account was hacked because she posted the semi-noode photos on her IG page herself, thus the Instagram Police locked her account for sharing such obsene photos.


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