A man who’s Identified as Michael Mayorga on Facebook took to his social media handle to share photos, as he proposed to his girlfriend Jamilah Williams, in a very unusual way. The man made it known that she was aware of all his movements, which made him had to propose to her at 5 a.m while she was still asleep.

Humans everyday all over the world fall in love. Love isn’t rare on the planet but I do believe true love is rare. True love has what it takes to last the test of time, but sometimes what you think is true love is in actual fact not. Maybe you are lucky and things align perfect for you and you’ve found true love.

Love is ever-changing and ever-growing and its extremely rare because it take a great deal of time to develop. You have to be with someone for years to know for sure that what you have isn’t just any love, but true love.

Ultimately, true love isn’t found, stumbled upon or fallen into, true love is built, slowly and with great care. We as humans are flawed and nothing can be pure but love is still a beautiful thing and some people are lucky enough to find that one true love early in their life.


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