red samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is scheduled to be present in the second half of this year, updating the Galaxy Note line that has new models every year.

Usually, Samsung provides several colour variants for the Galaxy Note line, and for this year it is estimated that the colour choices for the Galaxy Note 10 will be more than the previous generation.

The Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9 have four colour choices, each country may get a different colour choice. Phone Arena reports, Samsung will provide five colour choices for the Galaxy Note 10.

The colours on the Galaxy Note 10 are adopted from the Galaxy S10 which slid earlier this year, it is estimated that the Galaxy Note will be available in the colours of Prism Black, Prism White, and Flaming Pink at launch later.

Samsung is also expected to add colour variants after the launch, the Galaxy Note 10 will also be available in Cloud Silver colours, like its predecessor Galaxy Note 9.

The latest colours in the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s brand-new flagship is expected to come in red.

Reportedly, Samsung originally wanted to launch the red colour for the Galaxy S10, but eventually, they deleted the plan.

This red colour is expected to only be available for selected markets, while the other four colours will be the international standard for the Galaxy Note 10.


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