A very sad and embarrassing moment when the officiating pastor stepped down from the altar to stop a man proposing to his girlfriend during a wedding ceremony.

The man whose identity is yet to be known attended a wedding program of a friend with his girlfriend over the weekends.

During the vow sharing time, without the pastor’s knowledge, the man from nowhere went straight to the first roll in the church where the girlfriend is seated.

As the congregation were asked to standup to give prayer of supports to the new couple, the man intended to use the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

The officiating pastor upon releasing the scene immediately stopped the man from what he was doing, told him its never done.

And if he wanted to do that, he could have at least inform him (Officiating pastor) in order to be aware and give him the appropriate time not when its time to pray for the couples.

This made both the man and the girlfriend embarrassed

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