Russian Hip Hop Singer Receives 1.5m Youtube Video Dislikes


A popular Russian rapper on Tuesday deleted a music video singing the praises of Moscow authorities ahead of contentious elections after it gathered almost 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube.
Timati, a 36-year-old rapper known for his fervent support of President Vladimir Putin, posted the video, titled simply “Moscow”, shortly before Muscovites were set to vote in elections for city parliament on Sunday that had caused mass protests.
“I don’t go to rallies, I don’t bullshit,” the song goes, apparently referring to weeks of protests in Moscow after the authorities barred opposition candidates from running in the polls.
Lyrics in the clip praise the Russian capital as a wealthy city that has become “world standard” and “doesn’t hold gay parades.”
“I will down a burger for Sobyanin,” the song says, referring to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, a Putin ally who has been in charge since 2010 and is detested by the opposition for refusing permission for rallies and cracking down on protesters.
Timati, who is ranked the seventh wealthiest celebrity under 40 in Russia by Forbes magazine, made the video together with another rapper, Guf.

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