When technologists invented the CCTV camera, the problem of consumers and sales reps cheating became a thing of the past because the camera would show everything to the business owners.

As a result, you’ll notice that some supermarkets and shops have installed this camera in their different offices to monitor the movement of both salespeople and customers. Even if the armed robbers successfully robbed some stores with CCTV cameras, the footage from the cameras will be used to track them down later, and they will almost certainly be apprehended by police.

This is precisely what happened to a young pretty lady who stole an Android techno phone from a single phone store in River State Port Harcourt. She had no idea the camera was filming her because she was wearing the phone in her pants. And the sales rep was unaware that the phone had gone missing before the camera showed it.

They have published the video on social media and this lady has been placed on a wanted.

You can watch the video here to see how she was caught through the security camera.

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