Lt Col ND Okeke the Commanding Officer Admin Nigeria Army Headquarters Garrison Borno State was murdered along side 43 others top military officers in a security meetings having delivered some of the territory occupied by the Boko Haram recently. Him and other 43 brutally murdered yesterday.

The report allegedly said the killers(Boko Haram) dressed in Nigeria Army General’s Uniform with signals to attend the said meetings, beaten protocols and all army on guards and eventually 44 senior officers killed. .

The wife is a notable Engineer, member, Nigeria Society of Engineers. Late Lt col Ajah with his wife has been trusting God for children for the past 13 years of their marriage and miraculously gotten a bouncy baby boy of 8 months old presently. Since the broken of the death of Lt col Ajah to the wife.

The baby has refused to suck Bosom  nor eat but rather crying all through as he watches his mother crying as well.
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