Osun High Court shocked at bank robbery scenes

Osun High Court shocked at bank robbery scenesAMIDST deep emotion and shock, an Osun State High Court in Ikirun was for two hours on Friday told how bank workers and policemen were killed by armed robbers who attacked three bank branches in the town on February 12, 2016.Standing trial for the robberies before the court are four suspects, Nuhu Jimoh, Ndubisi David, Aderibigbe Oluwaseun and Ogundunmade Olufemi Kayode. The leader of the gang is from Kogi State.

The court which had, in the course of the trial, taken evidence from four prosecution witnesses, had to move its sitting to the locus in quo  (scenes of the robberies) on Friday when the prosecution counsel, Abiodun Badiora, a director in the state Ministry of Justice, called the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), PW5, Inspector Olufemi Olotu.At one of the banks visited by the court, witnesses gave evidence of how the robbers maimed and killed bank workers after asking for the religion of each of them.

The first scene visited by the court was Union Bank where it was discovered that the robbers faced no resistance before entering the bank premises through a side door that was left open.The trial judge, Justice Jide Falola, challenged the bank manager, who was also present at the trial, why the door was left open. He said it was for the customers as the front security door was being repaired at that time.According to Inspector Olotu, whose evidence was corroborated by officials of the banks, the robbers at Skye Bank (now Polaris Bank) killed two policemen, blew up the two front security doors, entered and asked for the business manager and the business services manager who was in charge of the bulk room and the bank vaults.“These two officials were asked at gun point by the suspects to lead them to the bulk room and the vaults where they packed all available money.

They then asked the two bank managers, one after the other, their names and religion. The business manager told them his name was Saka and that he was a Muslim. They asked for proof and he took them to his car where he showed them his prayer mat and rosary.“The other manager also told them he was a Muslim and his name, Ibrahim.

He was asked to recite a Surah which he did and was Spared.“The robbers then moved to the cubicle where they packed all the cash before asking each of the bank workers who were lying face down their names and religion. Two of them, Isaac and Elugbadebo, were shot point blank in the head after giving their names. The third person, Muibat, was wounded in the head with a gun butt for not covering her head,” witnesses told the court at the scene.

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