Arch bishop Duncan Williams has stated that no one Ghanaian will die of the Coronavirus that has claimed a lot of lives world wide.

The leader and founder of the Action Chapel as part of his ways of seeking God’s face in the midst of the deadly disease has instructed his congregation to fast for 72 hours in helping to avert the deadly disease from claiming the lives of any Ghanaian living in the country and abroad.

Declaring a 72-hour fasting and prayer in the mist of his congregation on Sunday 8th March 2020, he said;

“Ladies and gentlemen, this virus is an imminent danger. It’s a danger against humanity, its conspiracy against the human race, it is evil; that’s why we will not put our trust in the arm of flesh, that’s why we shall call upon the name of the Lord. For it is written: ‘Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered’.

“And I’m calling for 72-hour prayers beginning from tomorrow [Monday, 9 March 2020] that we will pray to secure our airwaves, to secure our borders and our high seas and waters and rivers that the plague will not enter this country, that the virus is not accessing our airwaves, that there will be no loss of life of any Ghanaian home and abroad by the reason of this virus”.

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