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Nigerians Fire Singer Brymo Olawale For Saying 99% of Nigerian Artists Can’t Perform Live And Can’t WriteNigerian Singer Brymo Olawale has got himself in trouble and seriously being trolled on social media for saying that 99% of Nigerian artists can’t perform live, sing and write.

He made this post via his official twitter handle.

After reading this statement of his, many social media users weren’t pleased and have showered him with backlash upon backlash.


cmpression:Brymo calm down na. Are you on your menses?? Everytime fight.

sirlukane:No be the guy wey wear G-string be this?🙄🚶🏽♂

w.u.r.a.h:Brymo let it rest already…you sounding like a broken record mahn…😒😒

emmyfunds__:Oga you sound depressed, go and rest

agirlnamed_esther:Ojebi, you’re the best musician, infact the only one 🤡🤡🤡

lonasbeauty:Brymo I love you ooo but you’re bragging too much these days 🙄Bragado

nanoijele:Brymo can sing, write and perform? 🤣

unified_wale:Brymo ooo… someone should collect his phone and put it on the fridge

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