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Home Entertainment News New Bride Beaten To Death By Her Ex-Convict Groom On Wedding Day

New Bride Beaten To Death By Her Ex-Convict Groom On Wedding Day

New Bride Beaten To Death By Her Ex-Convict Groom On Wedding Day

Oksana Poludentseva and Stepan Dolgikh

A 36-year-old woman Oksana Poludentseva has been murdered on her wedding day by her ex-convict groom, 33-year-old Stepan Dolgikh.

The incident happened at a private house in Prokudskoye village, Novosibirsk region.

Dolkigh who has a previous conviction for murder is reported to have been enraged because his bride “behaved incorrectly” with a guest at the alcohol-fuelled wedding party.

The murder occurred in the presence of guests who were too afraid to intervene so they called the police instead. The groom was arrested by the Russian National Guard.

The deceased bride is said to have met him while he was in prison and believed she could tame him, detectives believe.

Chief investigator Kirill Petrushin a senior regional detective of the Russian Investigative Committee. told NGS news agency:

“He began to punch and kick her outside the house. He continued to attack her inside the house. He grabbed her by the hair, hit her, pushed her out into the street, where he also continued to strike her body and head.”

When she appeared lifeless ‘he dumped her into a nearby ravine’.

Stepan Dolgikh

Petrushin added that Dolgikh confessed to the killing:

“He beat her for a long time, in front of witnesses, and struck her vital organs – in the torso and head,’ he told journalists. ‘He fully admitted guilt during the investigation.

“As for repentance…. I cannot comment. I personally do not believe he repented.

In a state of alcoholic intoxication, due to jealousy, he developed a hostile attitude towards his wife. He was jealous of one of the guests. It seemed to her husband that she behaved incorrectly, which caused a scandal.”

About the bride being aware of Dolgikh’s dark past, Petrushin said:

“The deceased woman knew about his criminal record,’ said Petrushin. ‘They met while he was serving a sentence in prison for previous crimes.”

He added:

“She did not think that while drinking alcohol or just in a fit of anger, a person like this may go over the limit and commit a serious crime.”

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