The National University of Singapore is Asia’s best and a top-class board research institute, with a global approach to teaching and research programs that are centered in Asian terrain. In this post, we will be discussing on National University of Singapore, admission, tuition and acceptance rate. NUS offers a wide range of disciplines from science, to music in both undergraduates and postgraduates levels and to apply to this university you need to know about their admission, tuition and acceptance rate.

The university has 17 faculties and schools spread through three main campuses, which are-Kent Ridge, Outram, and Bukit Timah. NUS has a wide, demanding curriculum, multi-disciplinary courses, and cross-faculty modules. The institution uses a semester-based modular system that is a hybrid of British and American methods such as small group instruction (modules) (course credits).

The University has a semester has a semester-based modular system, a combination of British systems such as small group teaching (modules) and the American system (course credits). Its transformational education allows students to transfer between courses, take electives from various faculties, participate in study abroad exchange programs, entrepreneurial internships, double degree, and joint degree programs with other leading institutions across the world.

At the same time, students have a lot of freedom to explore their creative, athletic, and cultural interests. More than 38,000 students from over 100 nations are being admitted in the University. in other words, international students can apply in this school and they offer free scholarship.

The National University of Singapore is well-known for its high-impact research operations in life sciences and biomedicine, engineering, social sciences, and natural sciences.

National University Of Singapore Acceptance Rate

National University of Singapore is a very prestigious institution with a generally low admission rate. Every year, the institution receives thousands of applications, the majority of which come from Asia. However, there are still lots of international students in the campus, therefore, they do accept many international students. However, due to a restricted number of seats in every class, the acceptance percentage falls to 5%.

National University of Singapore Ranking

the table below depicts how this University is ranked both worldwide and in Asia.

the table below depicts how this University is ranked both worldwide and in Asia.
World Rank                                                  95
National Rank                                               1
Quality of Education Rank                        330
Alumni Employment Rank                        165
Quality of Faculty Rank                               –
Research Performance Rank                     41
Overall Score                                               82.0

National University of Singapore Tuition

On the NUS online application platform, international students must pay a non-refundable application fee of SGD 20. Fees can be paid electronically using foreign cards such as AMEX, AliPay, Visa, Mastercard, or PayNow. Once you’ve successfully paid, you can then proceed to print a copy of the receipt for your records. Note that the application fee for all NUS programs is the same; however, it may increase over time.
The yearly tuition fee for international students at NUS for the 20202 academic year is as follows:
Course Type                                Tuition Fee* (in SGD)
Bachelor Degrees                        17,550–63,750
Master Degrees                            18,950–31,250
MBA                                               15,000
Note that the figure provided here may vary depending on the course and year.

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National University Of Singapore Courses

NUS provides a wide range of teaching and research courses in the form of degrees and other programs, including:
⦁ Concurrent degree programs
⦁ Minor programs
⦁ Joint-degree programs
⦁ Double-major programs
⦁ Double-degree programs
⦁ Part-time programs

National university of Singapore has co-operated with over 300 universities in over 40 countries, allowing students to participate in Student Exchange Programs.

Aside from full-time bachelor’s degree programs, undergraduate students can select from the following options:
⦁ SEP (Student Exchange Program) • NOC (NUS Overseas Colleges) • University Scholars Program
⦁ Town College University Program (UTCP)

Each semester, NUS education covers nearly 2,000 modules across its 17 faculties, departments, and schools.

Students may pursue graduate and undergraduate courses in the following disciplines:

Undergraduate Disciplines                                    Graduate Disciplines

Art and Social Sciences              _                         Arts and Social Sciences
Business and Accountancy        _                         Business
Computing                                    _                          Computing
Dentistry                                       _                          Dentistry
Design and Environment            _                          Design and Environment
Engineering                                  _                      Duke-NUS Medical School
Law                                               _                           Engineering
Medicine                                      _                               Law
Nursing                                        _                              Medicine
Music                                           _                  Integrative Sciences and Engineering
Science                                        _                               Public Health
–                                                   _                                Public Policy
–                                                   _                                 Science
–                                                   _                    Cancer Science Institute
–                                                   _                 Centre for Quantum Technologies
–                                                   _                       Institute of Systems Science
–                                                   _                      Risk Management Institute
–                                                    _                   Temasek Defence System Institute
–                                                   _                  The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific


The eligibility requirements for admission into the National University of Singapore
The following are the minimal program-specific eligibility criteria that international candidates must achieve before applying to the National University of Singapore:

Requirements for Undergraduate

⦁ A grade 12 in a relevant discipline with high marks in all five key subjects (including English)
⦁ IELTS: A minimum overall band score of 6.5, with 6.5 in the Reading and Writing components.

⦁ TOEFL: A minimum internet-based score of 92-93 or a paper-based score of 580 is required.

⦁ PTE Academic: Minimum total score of 62, with reading and writing components of 62.

⦁ C1 Advanced/Cambridge English-Advanced: A minimum score of 180 is required.

⦁ C6 EL1119

⦁ MUET: At least 200 Standardised Exams:

⦁ SAT: A minimum of 600 for the evidence-based Reading and Writing part and 650 for the Mathematics section. • ACT: A minimum composite score of 29 with a minimum of 8 in the Writing component.
Students may also rely only on their SAT scores to demonstrate their English competence.

Requirements for Graduate Level

⦁ Bachelor’s degree with honors in a related subject

IELTS:  A minimum of 6 bands is required for MS.

⦁ An MBA requires a minimum of 6.5 bands.

⦁ TOEFL: A minimum score of 85–92 is required for MS.

A minimum MBA score of 100

⦁ GMAT: A minimum score of 650 is required (must for MBA)

⦁ GRE: A minimum of 320 in Verbal and Quantitative, as well as 3.5 in Analytical (optional)

During application to National university of Singapore, Indian candidates may submit their GATE result with a minimum of 90% instead of the GRE or GMAT.

Furthermore, in extreme situations, such as those with more than ten years of work experience, the GMAT or GRE requirement may be waived. In this situation, individuals must also demonstrate their remarkable accomplishment in academic history and perform greatly during the interview..

When applying to the National University of Singapore, international students must provide the following documents:

⦁ Certified academic transcripts (of previous qualifications in English)
⦁ A declaration of purpose, a personal statement, or a motivational letter (essays as per course requirements)
⦁ Academic/professional references/LORs
⦁ CV/academic résumé of the student • English proficiency test score/result
⦁ A valid passport
⦁ A valid SAT or ACT exam score for undergraduates
⦁ A valid GMAT, GRE, or GATE exam score for graduates

Please keep in mind that these are typical requirement for applying to NUS and may change depending on the degree. It is advised that you check the course page on the official website for the specific requirement.

National University Of Singapore Scholarship

NUS is regarded as one of Singapore’s most reputable educational institutions. The institution has established a number of scholarship programs to assist both domestic and foreign students. Despite the fact that there are a limited amount of scholarships available for overseas students, the school covers the majority of its applications.
NUS Scholarship Highlights Approximately 90% of the NUS scholarships are meant to pay either the entire tuition cost or a portion of it. The vast majority of scholarships are given to students at the time of their entrance.


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