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Meet Ugandan Exclusive Top Hottest TV Personalities On Airwaves


Exclusive: Top Hottest TV Personalities On Uganda Airwaves


twitter sharing buttonwhatsapp sharing buttonThe Ugandan Wire has had sleepless nights on this special edition of the hottest presenters currently serving sexiness on the face of Uganda TV business.

Today we are unveiling who we found to be the top hottest, smartest and self esteemed TV presenters leaving many men glued on their television sets. From those possessing the smoothest light skins to those that cast glittering shimmers of nice bodies and smiles while on tv.

AdvertisementSandra Kahumuza Twinoburyo.

Are you shocked to find her as our number one on this list? Well, Sandra is currently the cutest TV news anchor at NTV Uganda. Her soft voice, calm attitude and cute smile while on TV continue to yield traffic for the Serena Hotel based station.

According to her close friends, Sandra is a talkative, and prayerful babe whose charm provokes one’s interest through her wit and humour leaving you waiting for more of her company. While at Makerere University, she was dubbed the hottest fashionista because her love for fashion and money. She was at Olympia hostel by then.

Flavia Tumusiime.

Because she is a married woman now, we won’t utter out to much critics. But being a mother of one doesn’t stop her from being the cutest tv personality in Uganda. With less make up on her skin, Flavia Tumusime is a force to reckon when it comes to beauty.

The NTV Uganda news anchor has been by far the hottest woman in uganda not only basing on how good she takes care of herself but also how she decides to keep away from the social scene.

Diana Nabatanzi

Diana is an actress, model and a TV presenter at BBS Terefayina. Also dubbed as a TV presenter with the sexiest legs on earth, Diana’s skin complexion is also unbearable. Because of her pure white eyes, slight catching a glimpse at her can cause mental premature orgasm.

Most men whatch BBS Terefayina just to see her flabby and sex-oozing thighs she serves everyday at 2pm.

Ritah Kanya

NTV Uganda has another diva that has caused whopper stampede amongst men who watch the TV. Whenever she appears on TV to read 9PM news, men moan, some kiss their television sets because they cannot stand such kind of beauty malingering just in front of them.

She once contested as a guild president while at UCU-Mukono way back in 2014.

Sheilah Nduhukire

Of course as you know she wouldn’t miss out on this list. The thick western Uganda babe and NBS TV’s news anchor has continued to pull traffic for the station because of her sexy body and seemingly soft skin.

This queen has continued to father fights between singers A Pass and Ykee Benda because they all want to have a potion of her cream dripping thighs.

Annabella Twinomugisha

Well, if you thought this is a central Uganda based stations competition, TV West is here to prove you wrong with their hottest and probably youngest presenter in the west, Anabella Twinomugisha.

The reason why ‘TV West Nehinda’ is because of her. Whenever she appears on TV every Saturday, she pulls men, especially campus students who wish to have a piece of her.

While on social media, she persistently continues to flash her amazing smile and sexual eyes that bring butterflies amongst her male fans. Even fellow women on Twitter wish they could be her but her level of cuteness is that that even a bolt-snipper riffle cannot target.

She is that kind of woman you cannot die without seeing.

Sabrina Agasha

Sabrina is a low-key NXT Radio presenter and Area Code show host on NBS TV but her thick curvaceous body cannot keep her hiding. Her TV show would be a bore to most of the youth but because of her well endowed behind, it has continued to pull traffic regardless.

It would probably take me a decade to explain this lady’s well equipped style but i will decide to keep it low and let you take matters in your own hands.

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