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Meet The Hottest Ugandan Girls on Instagram

Sometimes the hottest chics in Uganda and especially on social media platform Instagram are not the pencil thin girls that take part in beauty pageants and represent Uganda abroad.

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Instagram is a platform where Ugandan chics have been known to slay and move the most heads in regards to fashion, skin care, hair care and all other aspects that make up beauty among the fairer sex.

All this week, our snoops attributed their time to wrapping up Instagram and tracing out all those pretty little thangs that everyone looks at and they admit that truly God must be beautiful.

In no particular order today, we unveil the hottest girls on Uganda’s Instagram.

Atukunda Joanita – @nitah_j

A Fashion Designer and Boutique Owner, Ms Atukunda is a source of conversation every day on Instagram because she advertises her fashion work with carefully crafted photo shoots. The bootylicious recent graduate of Makerere University has over 1K dedicated followers on the app.

Close confidants of hers say her bum bum is the softest mushiest thing there is on earth. They say even mashed potatoes don’t come close.

Scovia Mahoro – @m_a_h_o_r_o

Ms Mahoro, according to our research is a journalist, voice over artist and hair/beauty care model.

The sleek tall beauty has a smile that would melt anything in this world. Folks admit that if she had been on the Titanic, one of the greatest sea tragedies in history would never have occurred because she would melt that iceberg.

Bettina Namukasa – @bettinanamukasa

A diva, queen and any other term that describes effortlessly beauty is what best interpretes Namukasa.

She is a model that actually rarely posts on the platform naye everytime she does, she leaves several slay queens and hopeless romantics in total disarray.

She features today because this list wouldn’t be complete without her infectious smile.

Remember that Beyoncé/WizKid jam in Lion King? If it were to be redone based on a Ugandan character, it would be Ms Aruho.

She’s a lawyer and we really feel for whoever interfaces with her in the court rooms. Right from the Judges down to the accused in the docket.

Smiling or with a straight face, Aruho kills every look she appears in. Forgive us, we are not even worthy of writing about you Queen.

Monic NM – @Monicn0

So discrete we couldn’t even find out what her initials stand for.

Monic is a fashion store owner and entrepreneur in Kampala whose roots we have traced to as deep as Ntungamo District in South Western Uganda.

Our snoops, like we told you before, set out to unearth every pretty thing on Planet Instagram and they’re not leaving any stones unturned. Take a look at Monic.

Leticia Mugisha – @leticia_mugisha

Ms Mugisha, we have been told is a Lawyer and Commercial Farmer that was a finalist in the 2015 Miss Uganda pageant.

In that pageant, the hot ones never win and she is a living example of that. A single scroll on her IG, our snoops say she is pretty, playful with just the right amount of naughty that is required in an ideal Queen.

One of the pictures that stole our snoops attention was one where she positioned herself to appear atop the magnificent Sipi Falls and gushed those heavy waters out.

Yvonne Ukyeye – @yvonneukyeye

Ukyeye, whom we understand is part Rwandan; our snoops have failed to pronounce her name. In fact, if this was story telling by voice narration, they say you’d beat them to death before they attempt to pronounce this name.

She is a student at Mukono based Uganda Christian University (UCU) and is a freelance model in Uganda’s lucrative market.

We have also uncovered that she is a former student at Mbarara based Maryhill High School that is an exclusive girls’ school in the heart of the new city.

Tracy Kyasiimire – @t.r.e.y.c.t.a.s.h

A common face finally. Bummy Instagram model Tracy Kyasiimire aliás Tracy Tash makes the list as well.

With hundreds of thousands of followers on the app, the former Kyambogo student should be paid by Zuckerburg for driving traffic to his app. She is a model, brand ambassador, influencer and beauty care entreprenuer.

For her extreme hotness, none of her posts has less than 1,000 likes on the social media platform. And that my dears, is a level. So we won’t derive further as to why she makes the list.

Desire Namazzi – @_.dee_

A Makerere University Business School (MUBS) fresher, Dee – as she is fondly known is hot physically, mentally and academically. Yeah, we got that line from Bobi Wine’s song.

The 20 year old, has a body well formed she keeps you wondering just how hotter she’ll be looking the next day. And as far as she goes, you can only hope she doesn’t block you so that you get to see her the next day.

Daphne Kayondo – @daphne_kayondo

Ms Kayondo is a model, tour and travel advisor, brand ambassador and influencer. By far, one of the biggest lady influencers there’s on Instagram, she has got where she is partly because she is really hot.

She is a graduate in Aviation and our snoops have learnt that she intends to set a career in air hospitality and travel. All smiles and jolly, we are sure she’ll be getting only positive reviews from everyone that crosses her path.

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