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Man Catches Girlfriend Red-Handed In A 3some With His Friend And His Girlfriend In His House

A lot of weird things have been happening lately that would make one question if there’s still anyone that can be trusted as those very close to one are the same ones that usually end up betraying one’s trust.

This weird post on twitter caught my attention which contained a video uploaded by @postsubman with the caption;

“Man caught his girlfriend cheating on him with his friend and friend’s girlfriend after housing all of them in his 2bedroom apartment.”

The uploaded video corroborates the caption as a man is seen questioning his girlfriend on record asking her about catching her in bed with his friend and his friends girlfriend which the girlfriend affirmed all the allegations.

Also, from the video, it is discovered that the man with the cheating girlfriend is the owner of the 2 bedroom apartment and the friend and his girlfriend were staying in one of the rooms at his expense. He was practically responsible for their shelter.

Another thing pertinent to note is that the threesome they had took place in his own room on the bed he and his cheating girlfriend shared.

This was probably what proved the man to anger which resulted in him getting his girlfriend to confess to cheating while recording the conversation.

Watch the Video below:

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