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The attention of Askamaya Hotel and Suites has been drawn to a disturbing video made by a customer about being brutalized by our staff. We intend to set the story straight with this response.

Based on multiple witnesses account coupled with CCTV footages from the Hotel premises, it all started around 6:30am on March 28, 2019, when a group of customers ordered 11 plates of food and refused to pay the bill claiming that the chicken from one of the plates was stale therefore they will not pay the bill. The manager rushed to attend to their claims to see how to resolve the situation as the customers were becoming violent.

The maker of the video became violent and instigated the whole drama, he threatened the armed Policemen on duty with a broken glass cup and attempted to drag his weapon away from him. Subsequently a brawl ensued. As a result, two of the men along with hotel staff sustained injuries. The MD was alerted to the situation and as a kind gesture decided to treat them at Peninsula Hospital and paid their medical bills which amounted to N70,000.

We assumed the drama was over until the angry customers returned 8 hours later with more men and a fellow in Army uniform who assaulted an innocent customer. Police came and arrested these men. After much, they pleaded for mercy and were later released after paying for the food and the damage they inflicted.

Askamaya Hotel and Suites is a customer friendly entertainment center in a serene environment. We have operated for several years without such incidence as we give all our customers maximum comfort. We advise the public to come around and witness our hospitality firsthand.

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