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Lady Marries Her Stepfather After Her Mum Divorced Him


The lady living in Bungeni, Limpopo was backlashed by friends for marrying her stepfather but she defended her decision.

Responding to questions from social media, the lady whose name is yet to be identified revealed that her mum divorced her stepfather because he once dated her mum’s sister.

“When its only a week left to your wedding and you find out that your partner had dated one of your Family 5 years ago, what would you do? A Twitter friend of the lady asked.

”My step father dated my sister, this lead to his divorce with my mom, My stepfather and I we are happily married’

she replied to her friends on social media.“Of course the whole family is cool with it, my mom stayed for 3months after i had my first child and my sister still visits.

No one will change the love he have for me.you please mind your own business its my life let me do what pleases my heart.

My husband didn’t cheat on my mom she only broke up with him because he once dated my sister, and its all in the past now’,

And he dated my sister before he met my mum, I never knew it is so frown at like this would kept it to myself, she espoused.


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