Lady calls out Lagos hospital for misdiagnosing her prospective staff


hospital-dailynaijamodeA Nigerian lady has taken to her social media account to call out Lagos hospital for misdiagnosing a lady she was about employing. She wrote; I need to share this inorder to save someones life before it gets worse. My nanny ran an employers test with CRI, VGC, and got a report that she had HEP B. She was devastated that she had such but was stern on saying if she had it her previous employer would offer her a job. I felt emotional and told her the ailment doesnt kill and i was willing to assist her in the future but cant employ her because i have kids around which are vulnerable. I told her to go to bed but my instincts told me to run another test elsewhere(hospital) for a second opinion. Lo and behold it was HEP B= Negative.

I became furious and was ready to go further to have my facts before i speak . I sent her for another HEP B test= Negative. Now i had my facts. My girl was relieved after a sleepless night in tears. I took my facts to CRI VGC. They ran another test on her and reported she was HEP 13. Negative. What happened then? “Sorry madam the staff who ran the test wasnt incompetent to do so.” I was in shock! What if it was HIV report. He or she may commit suicide almost immediately. We realized this is a culture they practice in this health (CRI) Organisation. Incompetent hands are running the hospital.

I feel they think they have the market because of proximity (residential zone). But its high time we shouted loud. It could be anyone next (may be a relative) please lets put a stop to this. They are toying with lives. Besides, some of the doctors in there google first before they give you a doctors advice upon patients sick complaints. I can imagine if i didnt push further. What could have being of the lady I wanted to employ. Stigma will hinder her from having a life and getting a job. I need to speak for the less privileged as they have little or no mouth piece.



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