Nigeria lady, Onowu Joy hit had on her fellow women who said they cannot beg money from their ex-boyfriend. Joy who respond to who respond to plea from another lady, which said ” marry women please stop begin your ex-boyfriend for money, is an insult to your husband. The plea said to have generate a controversy, which many ladies are saying God forbid they can’t.

Onowu Joy comment by given an example how her friend ex-boyfriend secure Job for the husband and even settled the lady with N1.5 Million to start up a business. She said “I HAVE A FRIEND WHOSE EX GOT HER HUSBAND A JOB…PAY IS 280K MONTHLY….PLUS HE SETTLED HER WITH 1.5 million to start up good biz….and he is a married man and even a man of God….see them saying loud it loud it…when some of you borrow clothes to wear in your husband’s houses and can’t even eat 3square meal…….chai…poverty kill una pretenders.


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