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Porn star Riley Reid as opened up about her relationship struggles in recent months. The adult actress has talked about loneliness and exes that haven’t supported her career.

Riley Reid has been very open about her relationship struggles over the years.

The 29-year-old believes her career in porn has been an obstruction when dating.

While some use the star for her fame, others issue her with tough ultimatums.

In the past, boyfriends have asked Riley to quit adult entertainment in order to be with them.

The American bombshell has refused to give up her successful career – but worries she’ll never meet “The One”.

Here are all the times that she’s spoken candidly about dating in recent months.

“People want to date me because I’m a famous porn star – and that’s really challenging to find people who are authentically interested in being with me.”

In an Instagram Q&A back in July, Riley added that many use her for sex.

Riley responded to a fan, who wrote: “I’m sure you do – but do you constantly get annoyed at being looked at just for sex when you go on a date?

“Instead of just a person or a friend to hang with.?”

The American star responded: “Of course.

“I wanna be a whole person not just a porn star.”

Previous relationships

In a YouTube Q&A, Riley recalled dating a guy who was uncomfortable with her doing sex work.

She explained: “I dated a guy for two years and the main struggle of our relationship is that I do porn.

“It wasn’t until we broke up that he told me that sometimes he didn’t want to kiss me.

“Moving forward after that, I’ve dealt with it again and again and again.”

This happened in another relationship too.

On Instagram this month, Riley said her exes haven’t been very supportive of her career.

Riley said: “Never have I ever had a boyfriend who was proud of my job.

“I’ve had two ‘normal’ boyfriends in my adult life, normal being they don’t do porn.

“Both of which ended in an ultimatum, porn or them. I always chose porn. I’ve struggled with that choice though, wondering if I’ve made the right decision.

“I worry that maybe I lost my chance at love and happiness. Knowing I carry the weight of shame around me I find it hard to believe that some day someone will accept me and love me for all of me. But I can hope.”

Having kids

In a candid YouTube Q&A, Riley admitted that the adult industry can “make life hard” because of the shaming she receives from others.

She worries about bringing kids into the world in case they face the same trolling that she does.

The adult actress said: “I don’t even wanna have children because I do porn.

“I’m worried about the way people will treat my child.

“The fact that these are things I think about because people are so sh*tty sucks…

“There’s just a lot of negatives that come out of it but you’ve got to be a strong person to go through with it.”

Happily ever after?

Riley has also discussed the loneliness she feels when she’s single.

She has hope that she’ll meet someone in the future – but doesn’t necessarily believe there’s a fairytale ending in store for her.

In a YouTube video, the porn star added: “Dating is hard in general for everyone, being a sex worker adds to it.

“Will I ever settle down? I hope so.

“Do I feel sad and lonely? Yeah.

“I think a lot of mainstream media, television, movies and books makes it sound like we’re all going to have a beautiful love story.

“I don’t believe in that, I don’t think it’s reality that everyone gets this happy ending fairytale thing.”

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