Iggy Azalea Is Ready for Her Comeback. Are You?


The infamous Australian rapper is here to claim her second chance. (Her sophomore full-length studio album, In My Defense, dropped July 19.) She knows what you’re thinking. And she doesn’t care. It’s called growth.


Iggy Azalea won’t leave the room until she’s shattered everything inside.

The rapper is wearing big construction gloves and a hard hat with a protective plastic shield across her face, standing inside a space that looks like a Law & Order interrogation room gone bad. Along the wall rest a sledgehammer, two baseball bats, and two crowbars. She requests Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad” to blast over the speakers—“That’s a good smash song.”

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She warms up by hurling some glasses (shot, pint, mason jar), one by one, against a diamond-plated steel wall—until, apparently over it, she just chucks a whole bunch at once. She attacks a clunky office printer, picking it up and unceremoniously dumping it onto the floor. Then there’s a big flat-screen TV. Turns out, breaking a television into itty-bitty pieces is way harder than it looks. Iggy hits it with a crowbar several times before she realizes it’s not going to happen. But it is going to happen. She wedges the pointy end of the crowbar into a crack on the screen, separating thin black layers of glass until the display is totally, definitely gone.

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