If Your Partner Doesn’t Talk To You Everyday Then No Love Exist-Anita Joseph Lectures Few Months Into Marriage

Controversial Nigerian actress Anita Joseph has been married for about three months now to her sweetheart and already she has become an expert in the relationship hence dishing out tips on love.

Usually, society expects those who have been married for long to offer advice on the relationship since it is assumed they have acquired a lot of experience but the case is different for Anita Joseph who has statrted advising her IG fans on how to know if their partners are into them or not.

In a post on her Instagram handle, she stated that if one’s partner doesn’t talk to he or she every day then there is no love between them.


She added that in a relationship, no one is usually too busy for the ones they love, its either they don’t love you and just finding flimsy excuses not to get in touch.



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