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If I were PMB:

1. I will sack the IGP to make a statement and draw the youths to my side. They dont like me because i have been seen to be too slow, too northern and i have called them lazy before so i need to build my equity with them by sacrificing the IGP whose tenure is coming to an end anyway.

2. I will ask for immediate arrest of the Commander of FSARS and at least 200 members of that unit who have been fingered or named in previous killings, torture or brutality. Even if its for cosmetics purpose.

3. I will personally announce the disbandment of SARS. Once and for all.

4. I will appoint another IGP and Police Leadership and charge them on total overhaul of the Police.

5. I will ask the Youth to draw a 50 point reforms that they want from the Police and personally recieve it from them.

6. I will engage them in a Zoom Meeting to discuss other issues and requirements.

7. I will ask the Youth to suggest names to replace SARS.

8. I will charge them to create different uniforms for this new unit in a Digital Pitch where Stylists will submit thier entries and the best and most accepted will win 5m.

9. I will announce a significant increase in the Salaries of the Police and Welfare, institute a Life Insurance Scheme and Commence Renovations of thier Barracks and Police Stations.

All in all, i will convert these agitations into an opportunity for me to draw the Youth closer.

Sola Fajobi
A Media Entrepreneur

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