Nigerian actress Sylvia Ukaatu has taken to her social media handle to advice women who are in their late 30s to consider having a child if the marriage is not approaching.

According to Sylvia Ukaatu, ladies should consider having kids out of wedlock when the marriage is delaying and they are close to their menopause stage.

“If at 37,38,39 you are still not married and you don’t have a child of your own.Sorry!I know some people will say having a child out of wedlock is a sin.Don’t worry,don’t be the judge.Let God be the judge because those same people will laugh at you when the day is dark…If at 37,38,39 and you are still not married,get pregnant and have a child.Woman haven’t got the time because at 35 some people have gone into menopause.” Sylvia Ukaatu disclosed.

Watch the video below:

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