A young lady who is called Eunice Nkansah has shared her life story and it is very surprising. In an interview with DJ Nyame on SVTV Africa, the young lady disclosed that she was very harsh when she was in Senior High School since it was only her who use to take care of herself. She added that due to the poor home she came from, she use to do everything by herself since her mother was poor and for that matter could not take care of her. I needed to hustle by myself in SHS to pay my school fees, take care of my mother and at the same time study as a student.

Eunice Nkansah continued by saying that in order for her to survive at SHS, she dated and slept with all her teachers so they can help her financially. There are some of the teachers who took good care of me but others just use me for their pleasure and for that matter i break up with them. When i started sleeping with my teachers at SHS, life became comfortable for since they provided whatever i needed in school. I have never regretted of it since it is through that lifestyle i was able to complete my Senior High School education. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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