A young lady by name Akosua Serwaa has taken to social media to share unpleasant situations in her relationship of two years.

According to a post she shared on a public group on Facebook, Tell It All, she has been together with her boyfriend for the past two years but he always stops her from visiting him anytime she makes an attempt.

For many of the people who commented on her post, keeping long-distance relationships alive means both partners need to actually see one another, know when they are going to see each other and be able to trust that the other person will stick to that plan.

However, Akosua Serwaa who is obviously distressed about what appears to be wasting two whole years on a relationship is not yielding any positive results.

Her post attracted more than 1,000 comments.

A married woman and administrator, Gina Wateredgarden had this to tell her.

“You should be worried otherwise by the time you realise hmmmmmmm. Does he visit you sometimes? If yes, wait for a while and keep on telling him you want to come and visit him to see if things will change. If you know there, you can visit him unannounced. But if you need your life and do not want any broken heart to happen to you kindly act fast before things get out of hands my dear.”

Other Facebook users have outrightly concluded the guy is either married and using her as his side-chick

Check her post below


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