I have 3 kids but I don’t know their fathers – Confused Xandy Kamel reveals

Xandy Kamel

The issue of multiple fathers continue to linger in the society and sometimes when a woman indulges herself in ‘sleeping around’ with more than one individual, one must be careful when determining the real paternity of the children.

The result after investigation must be thoroughly proven especially when the woman has slept with different men within the same period.

It is even more dangerous and disastrous when the mother can’t identify who the real father of her child is and the result is that the wrong man might be held responsible because the mother impregnated must give provide a fatherly face to her unborn child.

Loud actress Xandy Kamel has revealed to the shock of Ghanaians that she does not know the fathers of her children.

Xandy Kamel who is known for her daringly explicit comments and *flirty actions on social media noted that she has three children but cannot point the fathers of all her children.

In an exclusive interview with Zion Felix, the socialite noted that she also has six adopted children in addition to her 3 kids takes care of solely.

When quizzed about the number of men who could be responsible for her children, Xandy was of the belief that two of her kids have one father with the other child a different father.

“I only know I have three biological kids and six adopted kids, but I don’t know the father of my children”, she said.

Adding to her revelations she mentioned that up until now no man has shown up to claim ownership of her children.

“The only thing I know is two of my kids are from one man and the other is from a different man but I don’t know them and no man has ever claimed ownership of my kids”, she answered.

Her comments suggest that she slept with different men.



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