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If it’s a first passionate kiss or one of the first few you’re exchanging with your new lover, it’s always better to take your time.

Get comfortable, learn from each other and take things slow. Use these 7 tips on how to kiss passionately and you’ll definitely be a great passionate kisser before you’re through with this feature.

#1 Take it slow. Don’t jump into the kiss. Take it slow and even if you start off with a kiss on the lips, don’t focus just on the lips. Move your lips away slowly after a first few kisses on the lips and graze your lips against your partner’s neck or chin. Breathe into your partner’s skin and you’ll feel a lot more romantic and sensual. Spend a while warming each other up to a good kiss and take it slow.

#2 Linger between kisses. When both of you start kissing, kiss each other for several seconds at once without forcing your way in. Don’t worry about how long the kiss lasts as long as you feel comfortable.

Don’t stick your tongue into your partner’s lips immediately. Take your time and test the water by playing it slow. Always wait for your partner’s reciprocation before going too far. Take time between each kiss by parting your lips from your lover but keep them really close, almost at the point of kissing again.

#3 Touch each other’s face. A passionate kiss involves more than just the kiss. As you kiss each other, touch your partner’s face and shoulders with your hands. You could also clasp your partner’s hands with yours, just as long as everything you do is subtle and delicate.

#4 Don’t be distracted. When you’re kissing someone passionately, you need to stop getting distracted by anything else. Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. If you’re distracted, your partner won’t feel the intimate connection and would end up experiencing a less than pleasurable kiss.

#5 Passion isn’t just experienced on the lips. If you want to know how to kiss passionately, you need to remember this fact. A kiss is just a kiss. It’s what you do while kissing that makes a kiss passionate. While kissing your partner on the lips, part the kiss to move your face lower and kiss your partner’s ears, chin, and areas around their lips and even the neck.

#6 Keep it wet without getting drooly. Wet kisses are extremely passionate, but there’s a thin line between passion and drool. While good kisses are a turn on, drooling kisses are a big turn off. When you kiss your partner, they need to feel your moistness on their lips. But yet, it should never be overdone.

#7 Don’t hurt each other. Don’t bite hard or give hickeys unless your partner wants it. Yes, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re on a passionate high, but you’ll end up hurting your partner or give them a less than enjoyable experience when you tug at something or knead something really hard.

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