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You will need all of this tools below, all tools is FREE

– https://expireddomains.net
– https://web.archive.org

plagiarsm checker tool

this 2 free plagiarsm checker tools is the best, as far i tried

step 1

go to expireddomains.net, first you need to make account to get more filter features
when your done, go to search button on top right

Screenshot (25).png

for example here, i want to search domain about “Travel” and press enter.
you will get results with a lot of domain name that start with “Travel”

Screenshot (26).png

but we are not done yet, after you see the results you need to filter to get the real result expired domain, click “show filter” button and filter like below

Screenshot (28).png

this is just my last filter settings when im using expireddomain.net so, i dont really remember,
ACR = number of crawl result from archive.org , I put a minimum crawl number to 100 causes the more number, the more articles get crawl by archive.org
when you’re done check all those filters, don’t forget to click apply
then you will get only expired domains results with a lot of ACR number

step 2

next step you need to filter ACR from high to low like image below, and then we can start choosing which domain we want
for this test we will take this domain “The-Discount-Travel-Guide.com” for test

Screenshot (29).png

Before go to archive.org, make sure you check domain index status using site:domain.com
if nothing url get index, that we can indicate most of the articles already expired.


step 3

after doing all of checking stuff above, next we go to archive.org
put site url on search button and then go to sitemap section, and you will get all of artices, pages, post from that site, that already got crawled by archive.org
now you can just choose which pages you want to see, what year, the circle in the middle is Circulating collection of articles, a lot of articles.

Screenshot (31).png

for testing this site “The-Discount-Travel-Guide.com”, im going to 2013, and choosing this article below, and we just need to check it on plagiarsm checker.


step 4
now the final steps, you just need to check the article that youre already choose on plagiarsm checker
if you want better result you can use copyscape premium, for this test im using 1text.com, you can also using quetext.com its free.


well this is where you can find expired articles, and there is a lot more articles you can find for FREE

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