December is upon us and it’s Christmas season, but some people are planning to tie the knot before the year ends.

Plan your December wedding with these tips [FabWoman]
Plan your December wedding with these tips

If you’re planning to plan your wedding during the Christmas season, you’re about to make magical moments.

December is a celebration and festive season in Nigeria, and it would be a good idea to take advantage of the festivity for your wedding. If the thought of getting hitched during this time of the year is intimidating, don’t fret, we got you covered.

We know planning a wedding can be overwhelming so we decided to put together some tips to help you make the planning easy.

Here’s how to plan a December wedding.

Plan your December wedding with these tips [FabWomanl]
Fab Woman
Plan your December wedding with these tips [FabWomanl]

1. Plan early

December is a busy time of year for celebrations, even if it’s outside of the traditional wedding season. If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, you may find that many vendors and venues are already booked up with festive events. Planning is essential, so the earlier that you can get things booked in, the better!

2. Date and time

As you already know that December is a celebration month, you have to pick the date and time for your wedding wisely. When you’re picking the date for your wedding, make sure you pick a date/ dates before Christmas or after Christmas so people can make time to come.

3. Venue

Your wedding venue is a top priority because December falls within the harmattan season. You have to choose an air-conditioned hall if your wedding is in the heat of the afternoon or an open space with lots of natural ventilation for evening and night occasions. You can even use an outdoor wedding which would be trendy and beautiful.

Plan your December wedding with these tips [Wedding Journal]
Wedding Journal
Plan your December wedding with these tips [Wedding Journal]

4. Your wedding outfits

It’s the season of sparkle! Embracing glitters of gold and amid a sophisticated claret wouldn’t be a bad idea. Since your wedding will be holding during harmattan, you need to be prepared. The weather can be quite confusing during harmattan so, choose your wedding outfits carefully. Ensure they’re light enough for you to carry. You might also want to reconsider using a long train so your gown doesn’t gather too much dust.

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