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Home Entertainment News GOtv Nigeria: Packages, Channels List and Prices in 2020

GOtv Nigeria: Packages, Channels List and Prices in 2020

GOtv Nigeria: Packages, Channels List and Prices in 2020

GOtv Nigeria

GOtv Nigeria is an African television that delivers family entertainment to Africans. GOtv is owned by Multichoice, the same company that owns DStv.

The major difference however between DSTV and GOtv is that DSTV uses satellite.

GOtv Nigeria is Multichoice’s own means of providing reliable and top quality digital channels to Africans at affordable prices. GOtv has many amazing channels, and their subscription plans are very affordable.

If you are considering getting a GOtv decoder or have gotten one already, then this GOtv Nigeria guide is just for you.

This is a detailed guide that contains, the price of a GOtv decoder, the various GOtv subscription plans, their prices, and channels.

Also in this guide, you will learn how to pay for your GOtv subscription both online and offline and how to quickly clear your GOtv error codes or messages.

Table of Contents

GOtv Decoder Price in Nigeria

The price of a GOtv decoder in Nigeria is NGN 6,900. When you buy a GOtv decoder for NGN 6,900, you enjoy a 1-month free GOtv Max Subscription Plan.

That is, you get a free GOtv Decoder + GOtenna + One Month’s GOtv Max Subscription for Just NGN 6,900 in Nigeria.

GOtv Nigeria Subscription Plans, Prices, and Channels

Here is the complete list of GOtv Subscription Plans, GOtv Channels, and GOtv prices

Did you know that there are new GOtv packages? GOtv has currently updated its subscription plans and packages.

They have added 2 new subscription plans which are GOtv Jolli and GOtv Jinja, and removed the GOtv plus and Value packages.

In simple terms, we can say that the GOtv Plus and GOtv Value packages were replaced with the GOtv Jolli and GOtv Jinja packages respectively.

They also added 2 extra payment options for the GOtv lite, which are GOtv Lite (Quarterly) and GOtv Lite (Annual).

Now users can decide to do either monthly, quarterly, or annual payments for the GOtv Lite subscription package.

So, we can say that GOtv currently has 4 subscription packages.

The latest GOtv packages are:

  1. GOtv Max
  2. GOtv Jolli
  3. GOtv Jinja
  4. GOtv Lite
  5. GOtv Plus
  6. GOtv Value

Now you have seen the complete and current list of GOtv subscription plans and packages.

Let me now show you the channels in each of these new GOtv packages and their prices.

Below is the updated channels currently available in each of the GOtv subscription plans and their prices.

GOtv Max (NGN 3,280 Per Month)

GOtv Max price is NGN 3,280 per month. GOtv Max has 91 Channels in total.

GOtv Max Channels List

The current channels available on Gotv Max are:

1. Novellas  (4)

Novella has 4 channels.

2. Documentary, Lifestyle & Education  (5)

Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education has 5 channels.

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Real-Time
  3. NatGeo Wild
  4. Spice TV
  5. Discovery ID

3. Sport  (6)

Sports has 6 channels.

4. Audio  (2)

Audio has 2 channels.

10. News and Commerce  (2)

  1. Al Jazeera
  2. Arise News

Local Channels  (23)

  1. ITV Benin
  2. News, sport and lifestyle channel
  3. BISCON tv
  4. Liberty TV
  5. Tiwa n Tiwa
  6. RAVE
  7. R2TV
  8. NTA2
  9. NTA Parliament
  10. NTA International
  11. Silverbird
  12. AIT
  13. Channels
  14. Lagos TV
  15. Wazobia TV
  16. Arewa 24
  17. WAP TV
  18. EBS TV
  19. TVC News
  20. NTA News24
  21. OGtv
  22. BCOS
  23. ONMAX
  24. Galaxy TV

Altogether, there are 57 Channels on GOtv Jinja.

GOtv Lite (NGN 410 Per Month)

GOtv Lite price is NGN 410 per month. GOtv Lite has 35 Channels in total.

Aside from the monthly payment option, GOtv Lite also has the Quarterly and Annually payment options.

The price of GOtv Lite Quarterly is NGN 1,080 payable every 3 months. With this, you save NGN 150.

While the price of GOtv Lite Annual plan is NGN 3,180 payable every 3 months. With this, you save NGN 1,740.

Irrespective of the payment options you choose, the channels on GOtv Lite are 35 Channels in total.

GOtv Lite Channels List

The current channels available on GOtv Lite are:

1. General Entertainment  (2)

Altogether, there are 52 channels with GOtv Value.

GOtv Nigeria Payment Methods

There are so many methods with which you can easily pay for your GOtv subscription. You can renew your GOtv subscription offline or online.

GOtv Offline Payment

To make GOtv payment offline, simply walk into any of the GOtv outlets near you, with your IUC number and make payment. Your GOtv will be activated with the plan you paid for.

GOtv Online Payment

GOtv offers a wide range of online payment methods. You can pay for your GOtv online through any of the following methods:

  1. Quickteller
  2. PAGA e-Pay
  3. Eazy Money
  4. eTranzact
  5. GlobalPAY
  6. PayU
  7. Stanbic mobile
  8. FCMB Bank
  9. Zenith bank
  10. PAGA mobile
  11. Konga
  12. Baxi Box

To make payment for your GOtv subscription through any of the above methods, follow the steps here.

Alternatively, you can easily make your GOtv payment online through the MyGOtv Mobile App.

The MyGOtv app gives you an easy way to manage your GOtv subscription without much stress, all from a mobile app.

What this means is that with the MyGOtv app, you now manage your viewing, locate a GOtv installer, clear GOtv error codes, see how much you owe, make your GOtv payment, change your GOtv package or update your details anywhere, anytime.

The good thing is the GOtv mobile app is available both for Android and iOS devices. To download the GOtv app, follow the link below.

To make payment with the GOtv app, follow the process below.

  1. login to your MyGOtv mobile app
  2. click on the menu button located on the top right of the app.
  3. Next, click on Make a Payment
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay and click on Pay Now
  5. Confirm your details and select your preferred payment options
  6. Complete the payment process, and you are good to go.

Did you know that Business Name registration can now be done online from the comfort of your homes?

How to Clear GOTV Error Code

GOtv error message often shows when GOtv user delay in renewing their subscription plans on GOtv before it expires.

E016 Error Message is caused by users not renewing their GOtv subscription till the plan expires. After the plan expires, if you renew it, you are likely to get the E016 Error Message.

On the other hand, GOtv E48-32 Error Message is likely caused by changes in your GOtv antenna. As a GOtv regular users, chances are you have had the GOtv error code pop up on your TV screen while seeing your favorite channel on GOtv

Whether you are experiencing this now, or you have not, you might want to learn how to clear these error codes. This guide will show you how to easily clear GOtv error codes.

How to Clear GOTV E016 Error Code

The GOtv E016 Error Message can easily be cleared online or via SMS. Here are 2 steps to easily clear GOtv E016 Error code

Method 1: Clear GOtv Error Code via SMS

GOtv E016 Error code can be easily cleared by via SMS. To clear your GOtv error code through SMS, make sure your subscription is active, then turn on your Gotv decoder.

When you have done that,

Send “RESET (RESET IUC NUMBER)” as a message to 4688. For example, RESET 2033029500 to 4688 (where 2033029500 is your IUC Number).

If you are not sure what your IUC number is or don’t know where to find your IUC number, simply check under your decoder. Your IUC number is written on the white label under your decoder.

Please note that the SMS must be sent with the phone number you used when buying the decoder.

Method 2: Clear GOtv Error Code via GOtv app

You can easily clear your  GOtv E16 and GOtv E30 errors with the MyGOtv app. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Launch your MyGOtv app.

If you don’t have the MyGOtv mobile app, you can download it with the links below. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

2. Fill your details to login into the app

3. After you have logged in, click the menu button located on the top right of the app.

4. Next, click Fix Error. A page will you will be required to select the GOtv error you want to fix.

5. Select the GOtv error you want to fix and click on the FIX IT button blow

Method 3: Clear GOtv Error Code Online

The second method with which you can use to clear your GOtv E016 Error message is simply via the GOtv website from your computer web browser or mobile browser.

To do that,

  • Go to
  • Enter your IUC Number and select the error you which to clear as shown on your screen
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Next, click on the Fix Error button

The error will be cleared immediately. The above methods are for clearing GOtv E16 and GOtv E30 Error codes.  If you are having GOtv E48-32 Error Message, see the methods below to clear it.

How to Clear GOTV E48-32 Error Code

To clear E48-32 Error code on your GOtv, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check and make certain that your GOtv antenna is still connected to your GOtv decoder properly. If it is not, connect it properly.

Step 2: On your GOtv remote control, tap on the Ok button to see the signal information.

Step 3: On your GOtv remote, click Menu, then Advanced, then Installation.

Step 4: Click on Auto Scan

If the error is not an issue from GOtv, channels 52 and 48 will immediately come up, followed by channel 99 after the scan is completed.

If it doesn’t come up, you might want to rescan to access all channels you paid for.

That’s all on this GOtv Nigeria guide 2020.

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