For international students, making the decision of which country to go to study could sometimes be a hitch. But over the years, a country like Canada has proven to be one of the best countries to go to study. This idea is however backed by cogent reasons why you should study in Canada.

These reasons to study in Canada are not just about how lovely and welcoming Canadians are or how great their weather is; there are more reasons why you should choose to study in Canada and that is what I have shared with you vividly in this article.

  1. Have Access to First Class Quality of Education

It is unarguable that Canada is one of the Western countries that offer world-class education to students. In Canada are 11 out of the first 250 universities in the world. Canada has highly trained educators who bring the best perspectives to the classroom to make sure the students acquire all they require. The cross-disciplinary study system is also one of the foregrounds of the Canadian educational system and students can acquire transferable skills like teamwork and communication, critical thinking and so on.


  • Language is not a Barrier


Canada has both French and English as their official languages with none in dominance over the other. Coursework are offered in both languages and this helps to enliven the country’s cultural and community life. The language will, therefore, cease to be a barrier for international students from either English or French-speaking countries. This peculiar feature of Canada offers students the opportunity to boost their language skills hence broadening their career horizon.


  • Enjoy Affordable Quality Life And Education


The relatively low cost of quality education and the cost of living in Canada is another reason you should take and go study in Canada. Although international students pay higher tuition fees than domestic students, the tuition fee for international students in Canada is lower than in countries like the USA, Australia, and the UK. In that same vein, the cost of accommodation and daily living is quite lower in Canada when compared to the above-listed countries.  


  • Your Safety Is Ensured


One of the things that scare international students from studying abroad is their safety. How sure are they that they will not face racism? Will their lives still be theirs if they get there? Well, as those could be valid and thoughtful questions, in Canada you are pretty ensured of your safety. Canada is ranked the 6th most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) and it bordered with the USA on one side and oceans on the other sides. They, however, have little or no international britches. The Canadian government is democratically run and everyone’s human right is properly ensured. Canadians are loving people too.



Hardly will anyone reject the fact that studying abroad could be expensive. Therefore financially supporting yourself by getting a job is basically reasonable. The system in Canada allows international students a 20 hours time of work per week during school terms and 30 hours per week during scheduled vacation or break.


  • Enjoy Your Education With The Best Technology


It is an obvious reason though that Canada has one of the best technologies in the world. Their outstanding height in telecommunication, digital media, video game, biotechnology, and aeronautical engineering will arm you with the best assistance to swiftly and smoothly go through your education.

These are the five reasons you should study in Canada. If you are not sure of anything written here, so well to let us know in the comment inbox. We would also want to know what you think about these five reasons why you should study in Canada.

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