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Get Paid To Travel To These Countries


Do you know that you could get paid to travel to these countries around the world?

If you are part of those looking out to travel the world but lacking funding for your stay abroad dreams, you may be close to that reality if you carefully take a little time to read about these beautiful destinations that offer to pay you to visit them. You can easily get paid to travel to these countries by discovering some of their wants and priorities for needing visitors.

Once you are good to go with these requirements, you can be on your way to get paid to travel to these countries around the world.

The following countries/destinations offer to pay visitors from around the world:


Ireland is gradually becoming a hub for young business persons, and so they are looking out to getting experts from all over the world. Ireland is looking forward to diversifying itself to have a pride of place in the growing world economic market.  To help in realizing this, they developed a program called Enterprise Ireland. This program allows you to apply for funds which will help you to relocate to Ireland. The Healthcare and education systems in the county are both good.


Sicily is another beautiful destination that you can get paid to travel to. Sicily is the largest island present in Italy and is buzzing with people. It is currently welcoming new people from all around the world to increase their population and to create diversity. They are ready to pay EUR 700 or more a month to re-populate the places present around the country. So, it can be an opportunity to move to a new and different place. If you love culture and art, this could be a place for you.



Chile is yet another country that needs the youth and new business. Like Ireland, they have launched a program called Startup Chile. Therefore, they are inviting entrepreneurial persons all over the world to open up startups in their country. They provide money for supporting yourself, and they also help you by providing equity-free funding up to the tone of CLP 50,000 or more. They go up to the point of making sure that you get a discount on the flights that you take. In general, the people of Chile are friendly, warmhearted and welcoming.





Thailand ranks high as one of the destinations where you could get paid to travel to in 2021.

Thailand is a country that is evolving to be one of the best in the world, and they are encouraging more people to visit them and thereby, help bring about this vision. They want their business and culture to thrive. For some time, they have been welcoming people from the Canada and the US. Right now they are calling everyone who are ready to stay in the tropical paradise as it is been called. The cost of living is quite low, and on top of that, the country provides all the modern amenities that make life so comfortable. Also, they have an excellent healthcare system which is cheap and reliable. It is also a great place for children.


Baltimore is another city in the USA that you can get paid to travel to. It is generally hard to get in to the US, but some of these cities offer less cumbersome ways to get into the country for everyone. Baltimore has different schemes which will help you to obtain a loan for having a house in the town. Finding a job won’t be a hard task if you have a work visa. Baltimore is also home to the John Hopkins Hospital. Currently, the two housing schemes include Buying into Baltimore and Vacants to Value



Nebraska is also ready to pay people up to USD 10,000 if they are thinking about relocating to the place. The main reason behind this is to get more people who can work to grow the industries and businesses present in Nebraska. North Platte is the city that you have to target and they just have 24,000 people living which is quite low.




Marquette is a town in Kansas that has a low population of about 650 people and they are in dire need of getting more people. So, the state is sponsoring the people who are willing to move to the town. The state also provides free property to people so that they do not have a problem in finding a place for living.




Candela is a town present in the Pulgia region of Italy. The place is offering cash incentives to anyone that wants to relocate. The city’s population has declined over the years, and the government is trying to uplift it. You have to find work that pays you EUR 7500 and rent a house and move in to be eligible for getting the bonus. Currently, they are giving up to EUR 2000 to the families moving into Candela.



If you have always wanted to move to the USA, then this can be your opportunity to explore the country. Vermont often faces a lack of workers in all fields. So they are calling for people who are likely to move there. You will need to get a work visa, and they will most likely accept you. The reimbursement for working can be anywhere from USD 7,500 to USD 10,000 depending on the job and its area. The area looks great, and along with that, you will get all the modern amenities of staying in a developed country which has a sound healthcare system as well as a great education system.


South Korea is located in East Asia, and the county is known for growing at a fast rate. They have nothing less than a developed country when it comes to the lifestyle. Also, the Korean education system and the healthcare system are known to be some of the best in the world. English speaking expats can often get good jobs in the country and earn a considerable amount of money as staying in Korea is not very expensive. It is best to move to Korea with a work visa as it allows you to work and save up.



Vietnam is a part of South-East Asia. This country is also going through constant changes to compete with other developed countries. Their economy is doing well, and they want more people to join them. Living in Vietnam is quite cheap compared to the price that you pay in most countries. They are also encouraging more people to join them to teach English, and you can join the program by getting a work visa. The healthcare system is excellent right now, as they have a lot of expats. Moving to Vietnam also provides you with the opportunity to travel to a beautiful country.


Antikythera is a Greek island that is looking to increase its population, which currently stands at just 20 people. The location of the island is great. They have mainly called out to Greek citizens to move to the island, but they are welcoming people from all around the world. A person who moves to the island will be paid EUR 500 monthly for the first three years, and they will also be provided with land or housing. The weather of the place is excellent, and Greece is trying to make the transportation system better to welcome more people.





Alaska is known to be one of the most scenic states present in the USA, along with its cold winters. Alaska has been a hotspot for moving through several years, and they still keep on paying people to move there. Alaska is mostly pollution-free, so you get to stay in a place that is clean and fresh. If you permanently shift to Alaska, then you may earn up to USD 2000 every year. Along with that, buying a home is less expensive in Alaska that the other parts of the USA



Tulsa is another place that needs remote workers. They want people to move to their city so that they can earn a living. The program is known as Tulsa Remote. They are ready to pay up to USD10,000 to those who are willing to relocate. It is the second-largest city in the Oklahoma state. Therefore, expats will get a lot of modern amenities. The city also provides a discount to the people who are moving to the city as remote workers.


Having gone through this list of beautiful destinations willing to offer some payments to its visitors, we do hope that you follow it up and accomplish your travel aspirations. Do let us know your views and experiences from the information provided herewith. We hope to have you happily living in one of these awesome destinations and get paid for to travel to it.

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