Social media has given us the opportunity to post whatever we like and talk directly to different high class celebrities without hindrance, just as a fan of Luchy Donalds did today by voicing out that she doesn’t like the picture Luchi Donalds shared few hours ago.

Recently we getting used to seeing top celebrities sharing unbelievable pictures of themselves, which has been causing reactions online.

Actress, Luchy Donalds shared a picture of herself on set which is causing mixed reactions online.

Few hours ago, the popular Nigerian actress, Luchy Donalds shared a picture of herself with some parts of her body exposed. This has caused reactions as some social media users are comfortable with it, while some are not.

I came across a comment from female fan of the Actress,  Luchy Donalds who was not comfortable with the picture she shared and asked her to delete it.

In her words, “Delete please your pant is showing”.

See how others reacted to it below:

Luchy Donalds is a popular Nollywood actress, model and a television personality. She is good looking, and talented in acting and interpretation of movie role.


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