The word Garri originates from the Hausa Language in West Africa. It is used to describe any powdery material, especially foodstuff, such as flour grains, e.g., Garin Dawa (guinea corn flour), Garin masara (maizeflour), and Garin sukkhari (sugar), and particularly fried tapioca. It can also be used for ground substances, as in Garin Magani(powdery medicine).

Types of flour foodstuffs mixed with water used to be a major part of the diet in the Hausa lands and almost all parts of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Liberia for many centuries. They were used by travellers in particular, who were often unable to carry cooked meals. Traveling on horseback or donkeys and trekking took a very long time and so required readily-available fast food.

Drinking Garri in styleDrinking Garri in styleDrinking Garri in styleDrinking Garri in styleDrinking Garri in style

Keep drinking your style and know its not for poor neither it is for rich. Drinking of garri is for all.


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