Esma Khan another beautiful woman that is rocking the fashion world. Esma is an elder sister to Bongo star Diamond Platnumz. Esma is a beautiful woman who has gained game from her brother’s stardom, however, she is independent and smart, she owns a shop that sells fashionable outfits. Her contradicting dating and marriage life has also placed her in the limelight as she openly talks about her relationship something most of her fans pay attention to.

Other than her dating life, Esma is a fashion queen, she influences fashion trends not only in Tanzania but also in east Africa especially for the Muslim women who would like to be stylish. Her style is sophisticated and always on point for a woman her age. Her style is modern and respectful, she barely shows all of her skin. From her fashion trends, you can see the amazing Tanzanian and Swahili culture. Look at her outfit and see what you can copy from her wardrobe.

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