According to her, it is not in her plans to date a broke man due to an acrimonious relationship she went through with her first boyfriend, she wouldn’t want history to repeat itself hence her decision to date “already made” men.

She advised her fellow women to stop engaging in multiple relationship because it won’t make them successful but will destroy their reputation.


“My first boyfriend was a man without cash and we were struggling together but he cheated on me severally and got my heartbroken. After such experience, I vowed never to date a broke guy. I can’t date a man without a car, a man with at least a Corolla or a Hyundai isn’t bad for a guy who wants to date me,”

“Sleeping with different men will never make you successful or rich. No man will spend on a hoe, men love women who are exclusive. Don’t believe in everything you read on social media and don’t believe in rumours and gossips.

Ladies I hope you follow…


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